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Tools, Spanners Welding and Fencing

Online Catalogue | Tools, Spanners Welding and Fencing

Electric Fencing

GRANIT plastic and fencing strands are designed for the demands of modern animal husbandry and are characterised by high-quality materials and first-class processing. - They are made of multiple interwoven polyethylene wires (monofile) and bunched conductors. The advantages of this processing and design are high tensile strength, high conductance as well as long uv-resistance and constant voltage due to conductor bunching.

Online Catalogue | Tools, Spanners Welding and Fencing



Best Sellers

Steering wheel 20,35,B275 ,17.5" wide (03608073)

Steering wheel 20,35,B275 ,17.5


Steering wheel
TE20 ,TEA20 ,TED20 ,FEF ,FE35 ,35x
David brown
780, 880 Implematic, 885, 950 Implematic, 990, 995, 996, 1200, 1210, 1212, 1410 Les cab, 1412

B Series
B250, B275, B276, B414, B434
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GP Mouldboard Ferguson

GP Mouldboard Ferguson


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Bolt (38mm) and Nut x 7/16"Each

Bolt (38mm) and Nut x 7/16


Mould Board and skimms
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