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FERGUSON 35 & 135

Online Catalogue | MASSEY FERGUSON | FERGUSON 35 & 135

Gauges and Drives

Gauges cables and drive units

Engine Kits, Clutches and Parts

Engine Kits, Engine parts, Filters, Exhaust, Clutch and Components

Gear box parts 35 six speed

Gaskets ,Seals and Circlips

Fuel System

Lift pumps, CAV parts, Zenith Repair kits and Gaskets, Leakoff pipes, Heater plugs, Fuel tank mounting kit

Cooling System

Radiators and Caps, Water pumps, Fans, Water hose, Thermostat and Gasket, Draintaps

Electrical System

Battery leads terminals and straps, Starter motors, Dynamo and parts, Pullys and Belts, Controle boxes, plugs points rotor arms and caps, Coils, Lights and brackets, Looms,

Body Work

Steering wheels Chrome throttle lever steering nut and guard, Body panels, Seats, Tool boxes and brackets, Battery trays and cover, Commission plates, Decals, Gear lever and fittings,


Hydraulic pump, Linkage, Filter, Levelling boxes and parts, Linch pins, Lift arms, Draw bar

Front axle and Steering

Radius bar, Drag links and covers, Axle pin and bush, King pin, Wheel bearings and seals, Beam nuts and bolts, Foot rests, Steering box parts, Wheels and nuts,

Back axle and Brakes + PTO

Wheels and rims, Halfshaft bearing and seals, PTO covers Brake drums backplates and shoes,

Online Catalogue | MASSEY FERGUSON | FERGUSON 35 & 135



Best Sellers

Seat cushion and back rest 35 , (03608150)

Seat cushion and back rest 35 , (03608150)


Cushin and back rest to fit Delux 35 and 135
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Engine Overhaul Kit

Engine Overhaul Kit


Engine Overhaul Kit to suit John Deere 1630 Tractors

Consists of; 3 x Liner c/w Seals 1 x Complete Gasket Set 1 x Front Crank Seal (59mm x 76.5mm x 10mm) 1 x Rear Crank Seal (118mm x 146.1mm x 12.7mm) 3 x Small End Bush- 35mm Piston Pin 1 x Cylinder Head Stud (Pack Of 9)

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Hitch overrun damper for Knott KFG35 type coupling unit. Brakes should be regularly inspected for adjustment to prevent premature failure of damper. Overall length 605mm. 14mm diameter hole cylinder end 10mm male thread rod end. Rod length 222mm. Cylinder diameter 28mm Rod diameter 10mm
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